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Hi there,

So nice of you to come and visit! This is my blog where I shall share pictures and sims I've created. Maybe some object/clothing recolors too, occasionally. I go by the name Libertine in the simming community and for now I only create&play sims 2. My life is pretty hectic so updates will probably be pretty irregular. Sorry about that!

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Cora Cliff

Apr. 18th, 2012 02:27 pm
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Hi, I have a sim for you. This is Cora Cliff (real name Coraline Clifford). She is an art major who loves singing karaoke, reciting poetry and watching horror movies. Her career goal is to become a rock star.

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Hi, I just joined Pixel Trade and posted a couple of alien ladies at my Livejournal Go check them out!
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First, I'd like to apologize for disappearing. I don't want to share details about my personal life here, so I'll just say that life has been a bitch. All is still not well but things are better, much better.

During this break from sim stuff, mediafire has decided that they want to complicate my life even more. Meaning my files have started to go missing. I just reuploaded Joanna and Mia Please let me know if other sims are missing.

I was especially upset when Mia disappeared. She was the first sim I shared at GoS and the last time checked the download count it was around 15 000 which to me is a huge number. So when she went missing felt really sad. I know it might seem funny and stupid to feel sad over a thing like that, but I that is how I felt anyways. I'm sorry it took me so long to reupload her. The problem was that she was on my external hard drive which was packed for the six months I spent abroad and I just didn't have the time or energy to look for it until recently.

enough ranting,
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I decided to clean up my photobucket. I soon got distracted when I discovered the photos I had taken back in the day when I started posting pictures to sim forums. Gosh, it feels like it was decades a go. I'm feeling quite nostalgic now. I thought I might as well share a couple of oldies here so you can see what my game looked like once. I'm guessing these were taken around 2006-2007. This chapter will introcude my favourite sim at the time to you. Her name was Katie Thyer and she was my model sim. I really adored her. I was very into having embarrasing modelling/advertising photoshoots with my sims for a while and Katie was my main whore subject. Now that mouseyblue has redone the jirka skintone Katie is sporting, I might actually try to re-create her

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Mar. 24th, 2011 01:47 am
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This is Libertine. don't know if anyone is interested, but i'll share a bit of my life story atm; I am currently living in canada (i'm from finland). back home my sims is installed to my table pc which obviously couldn't take with. so long story short i got a macbook pro and after some struggles managed to get a copy of sims 2 and even some expansions for my precious little mac. Anywho, i had to start all over which was probably good because my downloads folder was about to burst. I am really trying to limit the amount downloads this time around. i really am!

There probably won't be much cc creating going on before i return to my motherland because i have no idea how to package/edit files with macs. i kind of miss my pc because of that. Also the studies here in Canada take way more of my time than back home. 


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