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Cora Cliff

Hi, I have a sim for you. This is Cora Cliff (real name Coraline Clifford). She is an art major who loves singing karaoke, reciting poetry and watching horror movies. Her career goal is to become a rock star.

Cora grew up as an only child in a middle class family and her parents pretty much let her do anything she wanted. She had a gazillion hobbies growing up but in her teens she met some punks at the youth center and there was no turning back. They formed a band together and Cora abandoned everything not art related. Cora continued to be an excellent student and her parents were somewhat shocked when Cora told them she was going to be an artist and not a scientist like they had discussed earlier. Cora's secondary aspiration is still knowledge so science stuff will always have a place in her heart and brains.

That's Cora in my game but you can of course play her any way you like. She is packaged as an adult eventhough she is still a student in my game. The rar includes both a custom content and nocc version. I hope you like her as much as I do.

Lastly, thanks to all of the cc creators and let me know if did something wrong.