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This is Libertine. don't know if anyone is interested, but i'll share a bit of my life story atm; I am currently living in canada (i'm from finland). back home my sims is installed to my table pc which obviously couldn't take with. so long story short i got a macbook pro and after some struggles managed to get a copy of sims 2 and even some expansions for my precious little mac. Anywho, i had to start all over which was probably good because my downloads folder was about to burst. I am really trying to limit the amount downloads this time around. i really am!

There probably won't be much cc creating going on before i return to my motherland because i have no idea how to package/edit files with macs. i kind of miss my pc because of that. Also the studies here in Canada take way more of my time than back home. 
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I decided to clean up my photobucket. I soon got distracted when I discovered the photos I had taken back in the day when I started posting pictures to sim forums. Gosh, it feels like it was decades a go. I'm feeling quite nostalgic now. I thought I might as well share a couple of oldies here so you can see what my game looked like once. I'm guessing these were taken around 2006-2007. This chapter will introcude my favourite sim at the time to you. Her name was Katie Thyer and she was my model sim. I really adored her. I was very into having embarrasing modelling/advertising photoshoots with my sims for a while and Katie was my main whore subject. Now that mouseyblue has redone the jirka skintone Katie is sporting, I might actually try to re-create her

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