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Libertine ([personal profile] libertiin) wrote2012-03-11 07:00 pm

About this blog, list of downloads and terms of use

Hi there,

So nice of you to come and visit! This is my blog where I shall share pictures and sims I've created. Maybe some object/clothing recolors too, occasionally. I go by the name Libertine in the simming community and for now I only create&play sims 2. My life is pretty hectic so updates will probably be pretty irregular. Sorry about that!

Terms of use:

You are more than welcome to use my sims in your pictures and stories, but I would appreciate if you gave me credit. A link to my blog would be much appreciated but it's not mandatory (I'd like to see how my sims look in your game!). Thanks!

I understand that the cc I use might not suit everybodys games so feel free to edit my sims to your liking, just don't share/claim that they are yours after the transformation (I've had this happen before)



List of all my sims available for download:

Mia(new version) 

more coming here soon!